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How to Increase Downloads
Control User Acquisition Costs

As an app developer you work every day building
the next million dollar app. At least that's your
plan. After the "Your App Status is Ready for
" email arrives your adrenaline kicks in and
your days fill with endless excitement.

You've hedged your bets and are filled with hope
of joining the elite 3% of profitable app publishers
like Rovio and Zynga.

Downloads increase and your stats show users are
engaged inside the app. Your users are making in-
app purchases and clicking on ads. You're making
money now. Just like you planned.

Then it happens.
Your trip to the Ferrari dealership gets delayed
because your rankings are slipping, downloads and
revenue are decreasing while your user acquisition costs go up.

It happens every day.

That's when questions begin, and my phone rings.

"How can we increase downloads?"
"How can we keep our user acquisition costs down?"

That's what this book is about.

It's about moving beyond shooting fish in a barrel.
It's about moving beyond hope as a strategy to a
targeted proven plan to acquire new users.

This book is about giving you the tools you need to
get your app found and downloaded by the people
looking for exactly what your app does.

It's about an easy way for you to take advantage of
Google's new Enhanced Campaigns to increase your
downloads and control your user acquisitions costs
at the same time.

Google added this feature for app publishers.
Never before has there been a way
for app publishers to instantly get their marketing
message in front of millions of prospects in such a
way. That's our focus. You need to take advantage
of this, and you need to do this now, before your
competitors do.

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